Kids and Teens Groups

We value our kids and youth. We have multiple groups which meet on Saturday at 11:15 am. Visitors are always very welcome!

Kids and Teens- Saturdays at 11:15


Our Kindy group explores more about Jesus and the stories of the Bible. They sing, hear a story, and create a craft. 

Upper primary

Our Primary group aims to grow the children's faith further by looking more into Bible stories. They also sing and participate in a craft.


Our teens group focuses on applying God's word to everyday life and discuss what it means to live a life of faith. Teens are encouraged to further their own relationship with God. Teens also enjoy time building connections between each other through various socials.

Young People Adventure Groups- Saturday afternoons and campouts


The Adventurers meet on the third Saturday afternoon of each month between 2-4 and is a group suitable for 4-9 year olds. 

The Adventurers get to learn about the real world and about God's role in it through developmentally appropriate activities which are also designed to strengthen the relationship between parents and children.

The Adventurers also have the option to participate in campouts with their families.


Pathfinders meet on the second Saturday afternoon/ evening of each month and also regularly participate in campouts. Pathfinders is for children age 10-15. 

The Pathfinders get to earn honours and learn real life skills related to camping, nature, physical activity and spirituality. 

The Pathfinders get to participate in regular campouts where they get to practice their skills and grow in their independence.